Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)

Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)

Build Quality : 85
Display : 90
Camera : 80
Performance : 80
Memory : 100
Network : 100
Connectivity : 100
Battery : 100
Sensor : 90
Audio : 100



May 2024

Official announcement date only, not the date for product release.

Model Detail



Product identifier details, such as a unique serial number, build number, or model ID.



iPadOS 17.4

Operating system type (OS) and version number.



Specific firmware name used on the device.

Mobile Network


2G / 3G / 4G / 5G

Available mobile network support options.



Type and support for Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) feature.



Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6e, Dual Band

Available enabled features on wireless internet network connection hardware.


5.3, A2DP, LE

Version and features of Bluetooth hardware.


USB Type-C

Type of Connectivity port hardware.

Body & Design


247.6 x 178.5 x 6.1 mm

Dimensions of the device in millimeters (Height x Width x Length).


462 g

Weight of the device in grams.



Type of main body materials and any extra features if available.

Color Options

Gray, White, Purple, Blue

Official available body color options.



Apple M2

Chipset (CPU) hardware name and series.


Apple GPU

Graphic (GPU) hardware name and series.



( ? )

Amount of random access memory (RAM) in size capacity.


128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB

Total amount of internal memory storage capacity.



Type of third party memory expansion feature, if available.

Display & Screen



Screen size in inches.



Type of display panel hardware.


1640 x 2360 pixels

Screen resolution in pixels.


~264 ppi density

Extra display and screen features if available.




Type of Battery model.


( ? )

Battery capacity in milliampere hours (mAh).

Charger Model

USB Type-C

Charging method and type of charger port model.


( ? )

Any extra features related to the power sector, if available.



Single Setup

Total number of rear cameras.


12 MP, f/1.8, 1.22µm PDAF

Details of the main camera unit.



Details of the secondary camera unit, if available.



Details of the third camera unit, if available.



Details of the fourth camera unit, if available.


Single Setup

Total front camera number, if available.


12 MP, f/2.4, 122˚

Details of the main front camera unit, if available.



Details of the secondary front camera unit, if available.


Video Recording 4K@60fps / 1080p@240fps

Available video recording support and features.

Audio & Sound



Primary sound system type.


Stereo Speaker

Any extra sound system features.



Fingerprint (at the front)

Biometric security hardware model, if available.



Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware support and features.



Near Field Communication (NFC) function support.


Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass, Barometer

Available sensor hardware type and function.



~ $763

Price in US dollars (USD).


~ €700

Price in Euros (EUR).

Experience Breakdown


The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) is a stylish powerhouse, crafted with premium materials for both durability and a luxurious aesthetic. Its strong build not only ensures resilience but also gives off an expensive and sophisticated vibe. This device seamlessly combines toughness with elegance, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate both style and substance.

Visual Experience

The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) boasts a larger screen size of 11.0", providing users with an immersive and visually captivating experience. The expanded screen real estate contributes to enhanced multimedia engagement, enabling users to enjoy movies, games, and other content with greater clarity and detail. The larger display also facilitates improved multitasking, allowing users to comfortably navigate through multiple apps simultaneously. Furthermore, a bigger screen enhances the overall user interface, making it more user-friendly and accommodating for various tasks.

In terms of visual experience, Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) features with IPS LCD screen, a characteristic commonly found in standard budget oriented mobile devices. The choice of IPS LCD technology helps keep the overall cost of the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) reasonable while still providing a satisfactory visual experience for daily use. While IPS LCD may not offer the same level of contrast and vibrant colors as more advanced display technologies like OLED, it remains sufficient for routine tasks.

Visual quality on the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) is generally good, showcasing a 11.0" screen and a resolution of 1640 x 2360 pixels, resulting in an approximate pixel density of around 264 pixels per inch (ppi). This configuration ensures visuals are clear and bright enough, making the content on the device easily discernible. The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) holds promise for everyday use because the combination of its screen size, resolution, and pixel density contributes to a satisfactory viewing experience on a high definition level.

Mobile Network Speed

Internet has become a crucial necessity for modern individuals, and the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) addresses this need by incorporating support for 5G network technology. This translates to exceptionally fast speeds, reaching up to 20 Gbps for downloads and 10 Gbps for uploads. Such enhancements significantly boost overall device performance, facilitating swift data transfers, including high quality video streaming and rapid file downloads.

Connectivity Experience

Featuring advanced Wi-Fi 6e technology, an extended version of basic Wi-Fi 6 technology, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) offers users significantly faster speeds, lower latency, and improved network security. It showcases a channel bandwidth of up to 160 MHz and an impressive maximum data rate of up to 2.4 GBit/s.

The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) comes with Bluetooth 5.3, featuring upgrades like Connection Subrating, Periodic Advertisement Interval, Encryption key size control enhancements, and more. These improvements ensure a more stable connection, providing users with enhanced reliability and efficiency in Bluetooth connectivity.

Absence of NFC on the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) could be a downside for users. NFC is crucial for contactless payments, fast data transfers, and seamless device connectivity. Without NFC, the user experience is limited, hindering the convenience of swift and secure wireless communication, affecting the overall user experience, particularly in contexts where these features are integral to daily activities.

Gaming Experience

Currently, evaluating the gaming performance of the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) can't be done due to incomplete specification data. A more accurate assessment of the smartphone's gaming experience will only be possible once the detailed specifications are complete. Therefore, waiting for the full specification data is crucial to ensure a fair and thorough evaluation.

Battery Endurance

As of now, the battery performance of the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) cannot be measured as a specification data is still unknown. Once the complete information is available, a direct assessment will be conducted to evaluate the overall performance.

Phone Storage

Equipped with an expansive internal storage capacity, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) ensures users can save numerous files, including photos, videos, and more, without worrying about insufficient space. This generous storage capacity grants users the freedom to capture and store an extensive collection of multimedia content without the constant concern of running out of space.

The significance of a large internal storage capacity becomes evident in the seamless user experience it affords, enabling the installation of numerous apps, the download of extensive media libraries, and the preservation of high quality files. This makes the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) an ideal choice for those who prioritize a robust storage solution in a smartphone.

Multitasking Experience

Due to the unknown RAM specifications, assessing the multitasking performance of this device is currently impossible. A comprehensive evaluation will be possible after the relevant data is complete.

Photo & Videography Experience

Equipped with a 12 MP camera, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) allows users to capture memorable moments with great clarity. While this single lens provides a decent photography experience, users may face limitations when exploring more diverse and advanced photography options.

Devices with multiple camera lenses can offer enhanced versatility, providing users the ability to explore a broader range of creative possibilities. Multiple lenses contribute to improved depth perception, better low light performance, and various shooting modes, enriching the overall photography experience.

For the front facing camera, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) features a 12 MP selfie camera, providing users with a reliable option for daily use, this configuration ensures clear and detailed self portraits, suitable for various activities like video calls and social media sharing.

Users also can effortlessly capture videos on Apple iPad Air 11 (2024), because it supports up to 4K resolution quality. This capability allows users to freely document special moments, create content for social media, or simply capture the world around them. The video recording feature ensures that the recorded videos are clear and visually impressive, making it an ideal tool for preserving memories and sharing experiences.

Audio Experience

Experiencing audio on the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) is excellent, the richness and clarity of the sound are particularly noteworthy, thanks to the support of Stereo Speaker features. Whether immersed in music, movies, or other multimedia content, the device delivers an engaging auditory experience. The thoughtful integration of this feature enhances user enjoyment, making this device a compelling choice for those who value high quality audio in their mobile device experience.

Security Features

The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) features a dedicated biometric fingerprint sensor, adding a robust layer of security to the device while simultaneously providing swift and convenient access. The inclusion of a biometric sensor significantly enhances the security profile of the smartphone, offering a reliable means of user authentication. This feature not only prevents unauthorized access but also adds a level of convenience by eliminating the need for traditional PINs or passwords.

Advantage & Disadvantage

Pros :

No notable advantages found on this device

  • Full 5G network support
  • High quality build materials
  • Fast WLAN connection
  • Latest Bluetooth technology
  • Large internal memory
  • Fast charging feature
  • Dedicated biometric sensor
  • Stereo speaker function

Cons :

No significant disadvantage features found on this device

  • Lacks NFC feature
  • Relatively small RAM capacity

Benchmark Score

Build Quality : 85
Display : 90
Camera : 80
Performance : 80
Memory : 100
Network : 100
Connectivity : 100
Battery : 100
Sensor : 90
Audio : 100

[*] This means that there are multiple series numbers (GTIN/MPN) associated with this product.

Prices listed are for reference only and may not reflect the actual market price. Additionally, the price of the product may vary between different countries.

it's important to note that it may not always be 100% correct. Factors such as missing information from the manufacturer or third-party sources, differences in how information is reported, and human error during data collection can impact accuracy.

Common frequently asked questions

When was the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) released?

This device was officially unveiled on May 2024, which means that it should typically be available in the market around the same time as the announcement.

What is the model type or serial number of the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

Currently, the model type or serial number is unknown.

Does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) support 5G?

Yes, Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) fully supports 5G mobile broadband network.

How many cameras are available on the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

On the rear camera sector, Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) has Single Setup camera, and for the selfie camera, Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) also has Single Setup camera.

What is the CPU model used in the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) uses Apple M2 as the hardware processor series.

What is the GPU model used in the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) uses the Apple GPU GPU model.

How much RAM does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) have?

The RAM capacity of Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) is ( ? ).

How much internal memory does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) have?

The internal memory size of Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) is 128GB / 256GB / 512GB / 1TB.

Does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) support external memory expansion?

No, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) does not have external memory expansion feature.

What type of screen panel does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) have?

The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) uses a IPS LCD screen panel type.

What is the screen size of the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

The screen size is 11.0".

What is the screen resolution of the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

The screen resolution is 1640 x 2360 pixels.

What is the battery capacity of the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) has a ( ? ) battery capacity.

Does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) support fast charging?

Yes, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) supports ( ? ).

Does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) support NFC?

No, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) does not have NFC feature.

Does the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) have biometric security hardware?

Yes, the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) uses Fingerprint (at the front) to provide extra security on this device.

What is the port model type used in the Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)?

The Apple iPad Air 11 (2024) uses a USB Type-C port model type.

Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)

Apple iPad Air 11 (2024)

Benchmark Score

Build Quality : 85
Display : 90
Camera : 80
Performance : 80
Memory : 100
Network : 100
Connectivity : 100
Battery : 100
Sensor : 90
Audio : 100

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