Doogee U10

Doogee U10

Build Quality : 75
Display : 90
Camera : 80
Performance : 95
Memory : 100
Network : 70
Connectivity : 100
Battery : 100
Sensor : 80
Audio : 95



September 2023

Official announcement date only, not the date for product release.

Model Detail



Product identifier details, such as a unique serial number, build number, or model ID.



Android 13

Operating system type (OS) and version number.


Android Stock UI

Specific firmware name used on the device.

Mobile Network



Available mobile network support options.



Type and support for Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) feature.



Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6, Dual Band

Available enabled features on wireless internet network connection hardware.


5.0, A2DP, LE

Version and features of Bluetooth hardware.


USB Type-C

Type of Connectivity port hardware.

Body & Design


245.3 x 163.3 x 9.9 mm

Dimensions of the device in millimeters (Height x Width x Length).


514 g

Weight of the device in grams.



Type of main body materials and any extra features if available.

Color Options

Black, Purple, Green

Official available body color options.



Rockchip RK3562

Chipset (CPU) hardware name and series.



Graphic (GPU) hardware name and series.




Amount of random access memory (RAM) in size capacity.



Total amount of internal memory storage capacity.



Type of third party memory expansion feature, if available.

Display & Screen



Screen size in inches.



Type of display panel hardware.


800 x 1280 pixels

Screen resolution in pixels.


~149 ppi density

Extra display and screen features if available.




Type of Battery model.


5060 mAh

Battery capacity in milliampere hours (mAh).

Charger Model

USB Type-C

Charging method and type of charger port model.


Fast charging 10W

Any extra features related to the power sector, if available.



Single Setup

Total number of rear cameras.


8 MP, AF

Details of the main camera unit.



Details of the secondary camera unit, if available.



Details of the third camera unit, if available.



Details of the fourth camera unit, if available.


Single Setup

Total front camera number, if available.


5 MP

Details of the main front camera unit, if available.



Details of the secondary front camera unit, if available.


Video Recording 720p@30fps

Available video recording support and features.

Audio & Sound



Primary sound system type.


3.5mm jack

Any extra sound system features.




Biometric security hardware model, if available.



Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware support and features.



Near Field Communication (NFC) function support.



Available sensor hardware type and function.



~ $108

Price in US dollars (USD).


~ €100

Price in Euros (EUR).

Advantage & Disadvantage

Pros :

No notable advantages found on this device

  • Fast WLAN connection
  • Large internal memory
  • Expandable storage with external memory card
  • Fast charging feature

Cons :

No significant disadvantage features found on this device

  • Does not support 5G network
  • Lacks NFC feature
  • Low quality body material used
  • No physical security sensor supported
  • Mobile network not available
  • No SIM Card function supported
  • Relatively small RAM capacity
  • Uses old Bluetooth version

Benchmark Score

Build Quality : 75
Display : 90
Camera : 80
Performance : 95
Memory : 100
Network : 70
Connectivity : 100
Battery : 100
Sensor : 80
Audio : 95

[*] This means that there are multiple series numbers (GTIN/MPN) associated with this product.

Prices listed are for reference only and may not reflect the actual market price. Additionally, the price of the product may vary between different countries.

it's important to note that it may not always be 100% correct. Factors such as missing information from the manufacturer or third-party sources, differences in how information is reported, and human error during data collection can impact accuracy.


Doogee U10 is a beautiful device that was officially announced in September 2023. It adopts a modern design and includes multiple great features that can be used by all users.

The Doogee U10 is also known as the device model series Unknown, which must be unique so that users can easily find support online. Sometimes using only the main device name can make it difficult for several users to find the right support. The weight of Doogee U10 is 514 g grams and the body dimensions are 245.3 x 163.3 x 9.9 mm. These dimensions are ideal for modern devices. Lastly, the device is available in Black, Purple, Green color options. However, the availability of color options may vary by country and market. Some color options may only be available for a limited time or during specific events.

Build Quality

The Doogee U10 features a body made of plastic, which is a common material used in entry to mid-level devices. While plastic is not a bad material in this modern era, it can feel cheap, be easily scratched, and lacks the solid feel of other materials. For flagship devices in higher price ranges, plastic bodies are generally not used, so if you find this material on the latest flagship device, it can be seen as a disadvantage for users.

Screen & User Navigation

The display screen configuration is a crucial factor for the user experience, and in the case of the Doogee U10, the screen setup is ideal, featuring a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels combined with a screen size of 10.1". Additionally, the display screen also has several other configurations, including ~149 ppi density.

Another important factor to consider for the display screen is the display panel hardware. Good display panel hardware will greatly enhance the user's experience. The Doogee U10 uses the very common display panel hardware, IPS LCD, which is suitable for entry-level to mid-level devices. However, it is not recommended for flagship devices with higher prices unless there is a special screen technology innovation implemented.

The physical buttons on the Doogee U10 are positioned and designed for easy use, with clear functions such as powering up the device or adjusting the volume level.

CPU & GPU Performance

The processor and graphics hardware are vital components for any device, as they handle the majority of the software tasks and rendering graphics. In the case of the Doogee U10, it utilizes the Rockchip RK3562 for the CPU and Mali-450 for the GPU. But, the question is: are they good enough?

The answer is yes. This CPU and GPU combination is capable of handling multiple tasks on the device, including running games, opening apps, and rendering 3D images at their maximal limit. Users can expect good performance from these hardware components.


In addition to CPU and GPU hardware, memory hardware is also a very important sector for ensuring the best user experience when using a device for multiple purposes. The memory sector includes the RAM capacity, internal memory storage, and support for external expansion memory. So, is Doogee U10 good enough in terms of memory performance?

When we look at the memory combination specification, we can see that Doogee U10 has 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory storage capacity. The user can get more storage on this device because Doogee U10 does support external memory expansion using MicroSDXC.

Therefore, does Doogee U10 have good memory performance? Based on the specifications, it is good enough for any modern use, but it also depends on the user's perspective and needs.


Just like other modern smart devices available today, Doogee U10 has a camera feature that enhances the user's experience. The main/rear camera feature of Doogee U10 has a Single Setup camera configuration feature.

The main/rear camera specification of Doogee U10 is 8 MP, AF for the main camera configuration setup.

Doogee U10 has a Single Setup front/selfie camera feature. The main selfie camera specification on Doogee U10 is 5 MP.

Mobile Network

Doogee U10 doesn't support mobile network features. However, users can still connect to the internet and other devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Connectivity features

When it comes to modern devices, having multiple connectivity options is essential, and the Doogee U10 has all the necessary features.

Wireless connectivity options on the Doogee U10 include Wi-Fi technology with a complete specification of Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6, Dual Band and Bluetooth version 5.0, A2DP, LE. Unfortunately, the Doogee U10 does not support NFC technology.

Wired connectivity options include the USB Type-C Port technology, which can be very useful for connecting the Doogee U10 to other devices such as desktop computers.

OS & Security

As a device designed for modern users, Doogee U10 should be operated by a smart operating system. The good news is that Doogee U10 already uses a smart OS known as Android 13.

What about security technology on Doogee U10? The Doogee U10 only uses the default basic security features on the software OS, and there is no dedicated security hardware on this device.

Speaker & Sound

The speaker hardware on Doogee U10 is similar to most other devices, with a good loudspeaker quality for calling and playing music. However, Doogee U10 fully supports the 3.5mm jack technology, which is a great feature to have.


Doogee U10 comes with a 5060 mAh battery capacity and Li-Po battery model. This battery specification can be used for all-day use in normal terms. But don't worry if the device is on low battery state because Doogee U10 already supports Fast charging 10W technology. This means the charging time will be shorter, depending on the wattage of the fast charging feature. Normally, the battery can be fully charged in under 2 hours, 1 hour, or 40 minutes.

This device also comes with USB Type-C port technology. It's great because the USB Type-C is a universal charger port that can easily suit most charger cables on modern phones today.

Common frequently asked questions

When was the Doogee U10 released?

This device was officially unveiled on September 2023, which means that it should typically be available in the market around the same time as the announcement.

What is the model type or serial number of the Doogee U10?

Currently, the model type or serial number is unknown.

Does the Doogee U10 support 5G?

No, Doogee U10 does not support 5G mobile network.

How many cameras are available on the Doogee U10?

On the rear camera sector, Doogee U10 has Single Setup camera, and for the selfie camera, Doogee U10 also has Single Setup camera.

What is the CPU model used in the Doogee U10?

Doogee U10 uses Rockchip RK3562 as the hardware processor series.

What is the GPU model used in the Doogee U10?

Doogee U10 uses the Mali-450 GPU model.

How much RAM does the Doogee U10 have?

The RAM capacity of Doogee U10 is 4GB.

How much internal memory does the Doogee U10 have?

The internal memory size of Doogee U10 is 128GB.

Does the Doogee U10 support external memory expansion?

Yes, the Doogee U10 supports external memory expansion using MicroSDXC.

What type of screen panel does the Doogee U10 have?

The Doogee U10 uses a IPS LCD screen panel type.

What is the screen size of the Doogee U10?

The screen size is 10.1".

What is the screen resolution of the Doogee U10?

The screen resolution is 800 x 1280 pixels.

What is the battery capacity of the Doogee U10?

The Doogee U10 has a 5060 mAh battery capacity.

Does the Doogee U10 support fast charging?

Yes, the Doogee U10 supports Fast charging 10W.

Does the Doogee U10 support NFC?

No, the Doogee U10 does not have NFC feature.

Does the Doogee U10 have biometric security hardware?

No, the Doogee U10 does not have any extra biometric hardware feature. It uses only the default basic security feature from the software OS.

What is the port model type used in the Doogee U10?

The Doogee U10 uses a USB Type-C port model type.

Doogee U10

Doogee U10

Benchmark Score

Build Quality : 75
Display : 90
Camera : 80
Performance : 95
Memory : 100
Network : 70
Connectivity : 100
Battery : 100
Sensor : 80
Audio : 95

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