Download ODIN (Samsung Mobile Flasher) latest version for Windows user


Ilden Gurzech

/ 30 June 2022
Download ODIN (Samsung Mobile Flasher) latest version for Windows user

Samsung has long time journey on the Android phone business, from the beginning of Android OS born, Samsung already join to the game and the truly fact about that Samsung are one of the pioneer that make the Android OS became very popular like now.

Until now there was very much Android phone product that already shipped by Samsung to around the world, several phone product from Samsung become very popular in certain country and before the Chinese phone maker dominated the Android phone market, Samsung is the king at the time.

Today is different, Samsung already have competitor and they can't do dominated again to the all market phone sector again like the old time.

But, talked about the quality of the Android smartphone phone, we think everyone will know it, because Samsung become the one of the best Android phone maker that bring very high quality to the all their product.

This is the reason why Android phone by Samsung can loved by many people from around the world since the long time ago until today, because their product are unique, have best quality product, great online community and Samsung have very nice support to all consumer.

Go to deeper to the Samsung online community, we think this is the one best part from the Samsung Android phone product itself, because Samsung have very big online community.

Then, the Samsung online community will helping you very much, if you found some problem on your phone such as for resource for fixing that phone, several guide for beginner and you can ask directly to the many expertise on that Samsung online community itself.

Typically, you can found the Samsung online community easily from the internet, you also can find the specific online community for your specific Samsung phone model, we can ensured that you can find them easily because they will available on every popular social media, site or other online place on the internet.

The resource for the Samsung user also is very much rich and vary, you can get any resource that you want, such as firmware or certain specific tool for doing specific technical purpose.

If you want start fixing or flashing you phone by self, so the first start you must meet the great tool called ODIN.

Meet the ODIN (Samsung Mobile Flasher)

The fact you should to know from the ODIN is this a legendary tool for all Samsung Android phone user since long time ago until now, this is the best primary flasher tool that available on Samsung community and the great thing from the ODIN this tool is free to use forever.

ODIN become very popular from the first release, because this tool have very good performance and very good features that can be use by all Samsung user for flash their phone easily and quickly.

The ODIN is not official flasher tool from Samsung, ODIN born from the community and designed for the community too, this tool still updated on the periodic time for supporting more latest Samsung Android phone product.

This tool also is very easy to learn and navigated, because this tool only have very simple user interface, we think this is the main mission from the ODIN itself, because the developer from ODIN want create the simple Samsung flasher tool and can be use by any Samsung user by using simple user interface, have great technical performance and they successful to made it happen.

Special thing from ODIN

Like we've been said before, this tool is the best flasher tool for Samsung Android phone that you can find today, the reason from that statement is much.

Because ODIN flasher tool have many special thing that can't be have by other Samsung flasher tool, the special thing that you can get from the ODIN are :

  • ODIN is the universal flasher tool, in the mean this tool can be use for all Samsung android phone model and can't be limited for certain Samsung phones model only, because ODIN can be work perfectly though your Samsung phone powered by different processor model such as Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTek and Exynos.
  • Using stock firmware only, not like the other flasher tool that needed specific firmware and must be adjusted before the user can using them, ODIN is different, because the user can directly flash their phone only by using stock firmware that officially published by Samsung.
  • Very lightweight tool size, with the all great features and performance, ODIN only need very thin storage size, because typically size for ODIN tool is only around 10MB and the good news is this tool will not hurt your disk space.

The three thing above are the special things that you will get if using the ODIN, but before you start using ODIN for flash you Samsung phone, there was several requirement that needed for make the ODIN work as your expected.


Though the ODIN is very simple flasher tool for Samsung Android phone user, ODIN still need some technical requirement before this tool can do their jobs for you.

Generally, ODIN will need these several requirement bellow, but take it easy the requirement is not difficult and you can easily completing they all :

  • Only can run on Windows OS, typically can run on almost Windows OS version such as Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11.
  • Need official stock Samsung Android firmware, but ODIN also can execute any modded firmware.
  • Samsung phone must entered to the Download Mode, if not the flashing purpose will can't start ever.
  • Need USB connection between Samsung phone and Windows computer.
  • Need USB Driver for reading and analyzing USB connection, typically ODIN will need two these USB Driver that must installed on your Windows computer : Universal Android USB Driver and Official Samsung Android USB Driver.

Now, after you can completing the all ODIN requirement above, then you must using the latest version of ODIN flasher tool and you can get the latest version of ODIN from the download segmentation bellow.

Download ODIN (Samsung Mobile Flasher)

As we know, ODIN already have several version on all the version release, the latest version is very recommended to use, because the latest one will have more stability, bugs free and can support to the latest of Samsung Android phone model.

But some times, the latest version of ODIN may not work for certain user, if you facing this issues, you must using the older version of ODIN.

So, on this download segmentation we creating all the version list from ODIN, after that the user can freely choose the best version that may suitable for their use, then you can download the ODIN tool from the list bellow :

(.zip) Password :

After the download processor complete, you must extract the downloaded file using the given password above, after that you can start using the ODIN flasher tool.

How to installing ODIN ?

Fortunately, the installation process on ODIN is not necessary to do, because this tool using portable apps system, so the ODIN tool can be use directly when user open the tool apps.

For the detail you can follow these guide bellow for starting using the ODIN tool :

  • Open ODIN folder.
  • Find the ODIN apps and open using Run as Administrator permission.

Download ODIN for Windows OS

  • After that noticed windows will appear, you must follow that notice for making the ODIN work.

Download ODIN for Windows OS

  • Finally, ODIN will opened completely.

Download ODIN for Windows OS

  • Then, you can start using ODIN as your needs.

Once again, remember for make ODIN work as user expected the all requirement above must be passed by user, if not the ODIN may can't work properly and may ended with big fail.


ODIN is the best flasher tool for all Samsung Android phone user that can find today, ODIN offered many beneficial things for the user with simple user interface and great available features.

But still, for make the ODIN work as the user needed, the user must have enough knowledge for use the ODIN itself, but take it easy because you can get that the require knowledge from the internet, because the topic about the ODIN tool are very much.

If you want uninstall ODIN from your Windows computer, it can be done by only deleting them and in the future if you want using the ODIN again or need to upgrade the ODIN version, you can do with just download the ODIN tool again, extracting them and use them like the normal other Windows apps.

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