Download latest Universal Mi USB Driver (Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco)


Ilden Gurzech

/ 1 July 2022
Download latest Universal Mi USB Driver (Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco)

Xiaomi known as a one of big and popular smartphone maker from china that already success on the global market, today we can see many product pf them used by many people around the world.

The several best things about from Xiaomi smartphone product are their product is absolutely cool, modern, innovative, competitive at all the market segment and the important thing is about the price itself that very friendly for all people and must be wouldn't hurt you.

Although became a largest smartphone brand that exist today, Xiaomi always put their consumer at the higher priority, this thing can be easily finding at the official support from them.

Over the time, their support became more good if we comparing to the several years ago, today we can told you the support team from the Xiaomi it must be one of the best support system that exist today and it may will hard to find on other brand competitor.

For on user perspective, they will very comport when using smartphone product by Xiaomi, because everything will easy to find and to know.

From the official online community that already become the largest one today by the way, on it you can find whatever that you want, just like for the quick ask or find some technical thing like find specific resource or advanced guide, in the fact that all will obtained very easily.

If you are using the smartphone product from Redmi or Poco brand, you also will get all the same beneficial like when using Xiaomi smartphone product, why? because Redmi and Poco brand are the official sub brand from the Xiaomi.

Anything about the resource, guide, method or anything on their official support for both official sub brand by Xiaomi they will also get the all things for just the same.

So, whatever you are using Android phone from the Xiaomi, Redmi or the Poco you will get the same condition without any special thing on there.

Thus, today at here we will focused to specific important resource that must be have it by all user from the Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco, that is a Mi USB Driver.

What is the Mi USB Driver?

Actually, the Mi USB Driver created only for advanced user only, for basic user this driver shouldn't needed, because they will not have any urgent thing from that.

But, it will be very different for the advanced user, because this driver will come to be very urgent thing and become for the main priority that must be have and installed on the computer, before doing some technical work.

So, what is the Mi USB Driver? it's simple that just same like other USB Driver function, but in this conditions this driver official created and published officially by Xiaomi and this driver will have main function for supporting all devices from the Xiaomi product, included for Redmi and Poco product also.

Like we've been said before, this driver will be very needed if you want do some technical work, this technical work can be vary, such as like for developing jobs, repairing devices, make some adjustment on the default system configuration or doing some technical maintenance.

Then, the fact is without support from the Mi USB Driver you will can't start kind of the technical thing above, because Mi USB Driver become the main requirement to get you Android phone connected nicely on desktop computer system.

Main function of Mi USB Driver

Yes, we are know this driver will do some important thing for any kind of technical work and this also can become the important actor to established USB connection from the smartphone to the desktop computer without any disrupted things, but this typically for general understanding only.

If we talk about the main function of this driver and why the user very needed use this driver. So, commonly this driver needed by user that for two technical things, that are for flashing and unlocking bootloader purpose.

If you don't know, Xiaomi officially supported for anyone that need flash their phone using the specific firmware or do unlocking their phone bootloader freely, by providing them official tool that called Mi Flash Tool and Mi Flash Unlock tool.

So, for doing of two activity above, the user must installed the Mi USB Driver on their desktop computer first, if not the both of tool will can't detecting and analyze connection that already make it from the USB connection, after that the flashing process or the unlocking bootloader process will can't starting as by user expected.

Thus, if you are the Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco user and now you are stuck on the big problem, then the problem only can solve by doing unlocking bootloader and next do flashing method, so the first thing that you must ensuring is the Mi USB Driver should be installed on your computer.

Now the question is, where you can get the Mi USB Driver? so, the answer is you can get it directly in our site by following the download segment bellow.

Download Mi USB Driver for Windows user

The first thing that you must understanding from the term use for this driver, that is driver only available for Windows OS user only.

Currently, we can't found this driver availability for other desktop OS like Linux or MacOS, also this driver will support for almost all Windows OS version but still have limited use on Windows OS 7 version for minimal requirement.

This driver can be work flawlessly on the latest Windows OS version like Windows OS 10 and 11, this driver can run as expected without any problem on it and once again this driver also can supporting all the kind of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phone models from the old version up to the latest version.

You can get the Mi USB Driver directly from the download list bellow :

(.zip) Password :

Remember it, after completing the download process, you must extracting this driver file using the password that already provided above, then after that you are ready to installing them to the you desktop computer.

How to installing them?

We know almost all user may will confused after extracting this driver file, because this file don't have a installer on it, the all thing that the user must to do are installing them manually to their Windows computer.

Because for the installing process may need some extra additional information, requirement and maybe need some specific tool.

So, for the installing guide will not provided on this article, but you can still learn and follow for installing guide on other article that still related to this article, that article is : Complete guide installing Mi USB Driver for Windows OS user.


Mi USB Driver it must be prioritize to have by all advanced Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco user, because this driver become a first main requirement if you want do some technical work such as for flashing or unlocking bootloader purpose.

For the other official tool that already provided by Xiaomi, the kind of these tool will need this driver first to run properly in your Windows computer, without them that tool maybe can't detect or read the USB connection and your device may not listed as connected device, so in this situation you can't do any technical purpose that like you expected before.

Thus, the ideal thing that you must to do if you have plan to take some technical work such as you have a plan to flash your phone, then you must downloaded this driver first, then after that installing them to your Windows computer.

The final word, after this driver installed on your Windows OS system, you can using them every time you need. So, on the all perspective installed this driver to your Windows computer will drive many beneficial things even you don't use them anymore, it will not harmful your computer performance.

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