Download latest Universal Android USB Driver (Official by Google)


Liam Mcoy

/ 28 June 2022
Download latest Universal Android USB Driver (Official by Google)

Android OS are beautiful mobile OS for smartphone, we think many people will be agree with that statement, because at today using some smartphone with Android OS inside them will drive more fun experience. So, it very reasonable if many people like the Android phones.

In other hand, Android OS also become the most popular OS for mobile smartphone at the current moment, because they already successfully dominated the market by using their product.

Google that the who behind the Android OS already successful bring many interesting stuff in their OS everytime. They implemented all possible modern technology at the moment, creating any interesting software innovation, hardening their security from any risk and hear anything from their consumer.

So, once again it will very reasonable if the Android OS can be loved by many people around the world, because Google already successfully created thing that the consumer want.

Since the Android OS is open source they can success growing very fast, one of reason this thing can happened it because by Android OS community itself.

At the first release Android OS successfully can make many developer, technician and normal people excited, because open source system for the mobile OS it's very rare at that moment.

From the open source system, they can find lots interesting things to do, such as Custom ROM, Custom Recovery, Custom Kernel, Modded themes or apps and many more again.

Besides that, Google itself also have very good support for third party developer that want join to Android OS by developing some Android apps and pushed them to the Google Play Store.

For support itself, Google provide many tool that can help every developer for creating something for Android OS, such as they provide greatest Android Apps maker that called Android Studio and also they provide more resource just like latest Android firmware source and also multiple resource tool such as Platform Tool and Android USB Driver.

Then, today we will talking about from some important resource that already provided officially by Google that is Android USB Driver. But, what is the Android USB Driver and are them important to you?

About Android USB Driver

First thing that you should to know about the Android USB Driver is they just optional, not all user must using this driver. Because this thing only made up for advanced Android user only, for basic user it will not necessary to use Android USB Driver.

Typically, this thing are very needed if you want connect your Android phones to the Computer, for what? it will needed for many things, such as for debugging activity, developing apps, repairing device by using specific flashing method, mod something on Android phone firmware and more.

So, are them important to you? it will depend by your situations, if you are developer or who that have interest with the Android OS system or maybe you just want transfer some file from your Android phone storage to your computer using USB connecting, so the Android USB Driver is very important to you.

But, if you are just a basic user and want just use the smartphone without any connection to the computer or no have interest to some technical thing, so the Android USB Driver it may not important to use.

Actually, almost all Desktop OS like Windows, MacOS or Linux they already included Android USB Driver by their standard system bundle. So, in this situations why we need to install the Android USB Driver, if they actually exist in my system desktop OS?

Once again, it depending by your situation and need, if you just want transfer file such as image or video file to your desktop computer, then you can use the standard Android USB Driver that already exist on your desktop system OS.

However, it will become a different thing of you want use the connection for do some technical activity, in this situation you will need upgrade the standard Android USB Driver to the latest version, by reinstalling them to the latest one.

By using the latest version of Android USB Driver, that will bring more best experience, because the latest version can support the latest Android OS version architecture and the known bugs or security issues may be fixing at the latest version.

Provided officially by Google

The truth is many people don't know actually Google always made update on Android USB Driver periodically, they do that because need make some adjustment to supporting the latest Android OS version and the latest Desktop OS version.

As we know, using the old version of Android USB Driver may be can drive some issues if that use on the latest Desktop OS such as like using Windows OS 11 version for example.

The issues itself can be come from many things such as from the security issues, compatibility issues and also can from the performance issues.

So, it will very ideal if you upgrade them first to the latest one before using it to the latest modern Desktop OS, until now the Android USB Driver already officially updated at multiple version on specific time, in this fact we can know if Google very care to bring and make the Android USB Driver better on all of the time.


Before you can use the Android USB Driver ability, it will very important if you know about the main requirement from the use Android USB Driver itself.

First, Android USB Driver is the Universal Android USB Driver that can be use for all type and model from Android smartphone that exist until today.

Next, if you are user Linux OS or MacOS, from the official page that already created by Google then you don't need download this USB Driver. Because for the installing and upgrading purpose it should be done by use special command on that OS.

But, if you are Windows OS version user you must downloading the latest version of Android USB Driver manually, before you can use them.

In this case, we will not talk about the Android USB Driver for Linux and MacOS, but we will focus to the Windows OS only, the main requirement for the Windows OS user is the minimal Windows OS version can be use Android USB Driver is Windows OS 7 version.

After that, Android USB Driver can be use to the latest of Windows OS version such as for Windows OS 11 version, it will be run perfectly without any issues if you are using the latest version of the Android USB Driver for windows.

Finally, after you can understand with the all of thing above, now you are ready to use them by downloading the latest one from the download segment bellow.

Download Universal Android USB Driver for all Android phone models

The resource from Android USB Driver it directly loaded from the official Google pages, we don't make any change or make some modification on it, all the thing are pure from the source by the way.

But, for helping more Android user to find trusted Android USB Driver that they need, here we provide all version of Android USB Driver that already available for public use and mirroring them to the multiple faster download server.

These are several Android USB Driver that you can directly get it from our site :

(.zip) Password :

After the download process already completed, you must extracted them with the password that already provided above. Then, now you can installing them to your Windows computer.

This driver will not have installer app by default, all you must to do are installing them manually by using special method, for the installing process itself can be found completely in this article : Complete guide installing Universal Android USB Driver for Windows user.


Android USB Driver is a great driver that you must have it, because without them any technical activity such as for developing, repairing or maintaining the Android phone it would be hard to do.

So, for the best practice just like already told by the Google team while do some technical purpose, you must use the latest version of Android USB Driver if possible, because once again you can get more beneficial thing and will have no worry about any issues when using them.

In the end, you must carefully when you try download that Universal Android USB Driver from unknown source, if you don't carefully you may ended with the dangerous file download and it may can harmful you Windows computer.

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