Download latest Flashtool Sony Xperia (Sony Mobile Flasher)


Hannah Colin

/ 1 July 2022
Download latest Flashtool Sony Xperia (Sony Mobile Flasher)

Sony is one of the best brand for Smartphone that exist today, Sony already had long time story in phones manufacturer business that already succeed make many great phones on their history.

By the fact Sony also became one of first pioneer that bring Android OS to the market by using their product and at the time many people already know what is the Android OS, then after that OS Android can be growing until today. So, we think Sony have great contribution for making Android OS very famous like the current condition.

In their community itself, Sony also have big community member at the internet, in that online community you will find many coolest thing, such as for several mod method, theming and many other.

In other hand, by the quality product itself, Sony have a nice quality product that already trusted by many people around the world, because their smartphone build with very nice material body, using unique design and also for the hardware specification are also very compete from other competitor brand product.

Talking about their official support, actually Sony also have a great support for their user, if we combining them with the community support, of course it will be very awesome, because you can get that thing that you want for many technical thing, it sound very good right?

If you are the user of Sony smartphone, specially for Android phone from Sony which is known as Sony Xperia, if your devices ended with some problem, in the fact for solve that problem is very easy to do.

Because today, we can use many official tool from Sony itself or we can use some special software tool from the community, like this one, the great tool ever for the Sony Xperia devices that called Sony Flashtool software or Sony Mobile Flasher software.

What is the Sony Mobile Flasher (Flashtool)?

Like we've been said before, Sony Flashtool is the multi purpose tool that made by community member for helping many Sony Xperia user to addressing multiple problem that may faced by user.

Actually this tool already exist from the many years ago until now and still updating by their developer for supporting latest smartphone product from Sony.

But, what the main function from this tool?

Yes, it is very important that you must know that before using this tool, from the named itself, actually we can easily understand that tool have the main function for flashing purposed.

In the mean, if your Sony Xperia phone facing some problem such as that phone bricked, this tool can helping you for solve that problem, because by using this tool you can do firmware flash purpose to resetting firmware at you phone, after that all the problem faced before will gone after do flashing method by this tool.

Also, the other great thing that you can find from this tool is also can support to Unlock your phone Bootloader! so, normally if we want unlock the phone bootloader it must type special command from command prompt apps. By using this tool the all unlock bootloader process will be done with just from few click.

Kind of problem can be solve by Sony Mobile Flasher

By using Sony Flashtool you can addressing multiple problem quickly with just by few action click, the problem can be handle by this tool are vary.

Start from the small problem such as like crashing app problem to the big one like smartphone can't boot up normally, all of them can be solve easily by using this tool, then this tool also can use for handle some technical problem bellow :

  • Android phone facing infinity boot looping process (Bootloop)
  • Booting process stuck at the Sony logo, they known as bricked problem
  • Appearing only black screen state
  • Appearing black screen state with the red or blue LED light notification
  • Facing many force close problem
  • Performance in general term are not responsive just like days before
  • Some or several feature on phone didn't work properly

Actually, the kind of problem can be handle by this tool not limited from the list above only, if you found some strange issues at your Xperia phone, it will be very worth to you for try use this tool first.

But, before you try use this tool, there was several requirement that needed by Sony Mobile Flasher to get working properly as expected.


If you want this tool can be work perfectly on first try, then you must complete all their requirement before you run some jobs like do firmware flashing or unlock bootloader purporsed.

These bellow is complete requirement that needed by Sony Mobile Flasher app :

  • Created for Windows, Linux and MacOS user only.
  • Need specific Firmware that must suitable to Sony Flashtool app.
  • Need specific Sony Flashtool Driver, typically you can found this Driver Package on directory Folder Sony Flashtool app after completing installation process.
  • Need the phone that have good enough power battery, because the process may take several minutes to complete their task.
  • Need the phone that can enter download or fastboot mode normally.
  • Need good condition of USB Port & Cable.
  • Need good condition of Memory Internal hardware on your phone, normally it known as eMMC hardware.
  • Need the unlock code from the official method, when you try use this tool for Unlock Bootloader purpose.

Finally! after the all requirement above can you completed, then now you are ready to use this tool for do flashing job or unlocking purpose, also you can found the latest version of Sony Flashtool app at the download section bellow.

Download Sony Flashtool by Androxyde (Windows)

First, at the moment we are made download segmentation for Windows OS user only, but in future we may create download segmentation for other available OS like Linux and MacOS that also officially supported by this tool.

At the list bellow, we've already create list from the older version of Sony Flashtool to the latest one, so you can easily choose the tool that suitable for your use.

But, it still very recommended to use the latest version if possible, because the latest Sony Flashtool app will have more better on the performance term then also free from known bugs that already found before, these of the complete list form Sony Mobile Flasher download segmentation :

(.zip) Password :

How to install Sony Flashtool on Windows OS

Unfortunately, this tool can't be use directly after you extracted from the package system, there was installation process that must passed before.

But, don't mind this tool have the good installer app that can be completing very easy, if you confuse with their installation process you can follow this guide bellow :

  • Ensured, this tool already extracted from package.
  • Open installer app.
  • Choose Next button.

Download latest version Sony Mobile Flasher for Windows OS

  • Choose destination installation folder directory, then click Next button.

Download latest version Sony Mobile Flasher for Windows OS

  • Click Install button to start installation process.

Download latest version Sony Mobile Flasher for Windows OS

  • Now, installation process will started.

Download latest version Sony Mobile Flasher for Windows OS

  • After installation process completed, choose Next button.

Download latest version Sony Mobile Flasher for Windows OS

  • Completing all installation process by clicking the Finish button.

Download latest version Sony Mobile Flasher for Windows OS

  • Then, go to the installation folder and open Sony Flashtool app.
  • If on installation process completed perfectly, you can see Sony Mobile Flasher interface like this bellow, without any error message :

Download latest version Sony Mobile Flasher for Windows OS

  • Lastly, now you can use this tool according to your needs.

By this time, you are already complete the installation process, but in future time if you don't want use this tool again or you need upgrade their version.

It is very easy to do, you just need open the uninstall Sony Flashtool app, then the app will removed automatically from your computer storage, if you want use latest version you must download the latest version first, after that you must repeat the installation process above.


There was very important thing that you must know before use this tool, actually this tool can't be use for some specific Sony Xperia model.

From the official page, there was some Sony Xperia model that will broke if you try use this tool to do flashing or unlock bootloader purpose, that model are Sony Xperia C4 and Sony Xperia C5.

For Sony Xperia M5 user, you can use this tool but in limited state, because when you try flash your device it will recommended using FSC method, if not your device will broke and dead forever.

Also, if you run flashing or unlocking bootloader purpose, your phone data on internal memory storage will be erased automatically by this tool.

So, it will be very recommended if you create backup first before using Sony Flashtool app to take their jobs, because if the phones data gone, you may not able to find them again.


After you understanding all the thing above, you will aware it because this tool is absolutely awesome, because you can do multi technical action with only by one software apps, this is very amazing we think.

Then, the good other good thing is this tool also can be use for most older Sony Xperia series, not limited for Sony Smartphone only this tool also can be use for oldest series of Android phone by Sony Ericsson brand.

Thus, that all you must to know about the Sony Xperia Flashtool app or Sony Mobile Flasher, we hope this tool can be helping you to get out from problem that occur on your Xperia phones.

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