Download latest Mi Flash Unlock (Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco Unlock Bootloader Tool)


Hannah Colin

/ 2 July 2022
Download latest Mi Flash Unlock (Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco Unlock Bootloader Tool)

As we know Xiaomi will do offering interesting phone product at every time periodically, most of their product will become popular and will loved by their user.

We think it's very reasonable, because phones product by xiaomi have very nice in term of quality, included on phone design, build quality material, latest technology, unique innovations, superb support and also for their product price it will not hurt you at the all.

If we comparing Xiaomi product to the other product from brand competitor, we may seen many things different from all perspective sector, sometimes Xiaomi can sell their product with very affordable price but form the hardware technology they are the best at the market level.

Also sometimes we can see the price from Xiaomi product and other product competitor is very contrast, where Xiaomi phones product will have more cheaper price but for the phone spec it very same. So, we think this is why the Xiaomi product can be loved by many people arround the world, one of the reason is because they have unique model bussines.

Now we are go to the official support from Xiaomi, are they good? the answer is absolutely yes!

Today, it seems hard to find the brand like Xiaomi that offering support for multi purpose and have largest directory resource for all their user.

With Xiaomi you can get anything you want, because they have a largest online community it's a official forum community by way, you can ask and find any resource inside the forum, almost resource can you get just for free.

The resource itself come from many sector such as official firmware & ROM that available for all phones model by Xiaomi and the other great thing is they also provide many official tool that can be use for many thing such as for important thing like for repairing Xiaomi phone, that can do by your self.

However, that great thing above also can do not just for Xiaomi phones product only, but if you use the Sub Brand product from Xiaomi like Redmi product and Poco product, you can also get the all beneficial for the same just like entire of Xiaomi product.

Just like we've been said before, Xiaomi already have a great support for their user, one of best thing that you can get from that is for Unlocking bootloader purpose that will made be easy by Xiaomi officially.

By using Xiaomi product and their sub brand product like Redmi and also Poco, you can easily unlock phone bootloader by use official unlocking tool that officially provide by Xiaomi, the tool name is Mi Flash Unlock.

But, what is the Unlock Bootloader and what the beneficial of them for your phone?

Unlock Bootloader is just optional but important

Before we talking about the Mi Flash Unlock tool, you must to know what the Unlock Bootloader and why is important to do, we believe many Android user will confused with this thing.

Today we will made it clear for you, actually almost smartphone that shiped and sell by brand to the market have a default of bootloader configuration, the default config for bootloader is locked and user must be unlock them if they want to use this feature.

In the fact Unlock Bootloader that can harm your device from attacker, because phone security level will decrease if you Unlocking your phone.

But, in other hand Unlock Bootloader also can give many beneficial thing for their user, one of the reason for unlocking bootloader is the user will can do flash their phone by itself. So, actually this is the great point from the unlock bootloader purposed.

Almost all Android phone have a simple system flashing method, mostly will using Fastboot ability. The problem is if bootloader device still locked the user will can't use the Fastboot, because they will disable by default. So, user must unlocking them if want flash their phone using Fastboot feature.

Other beneficial from Unlock Bootloader state that can you get, such as :

  • Can get Root access into the Android system.
  • Can use Custom Recovery system.
  • Can use Custom Kernel.
  • Can use Custom ROM from third party dev.

That's all commonly are the most thing that you can get if you unlocking your phone bootloader, many user will love the device with unlock bootloader state, because it will be bring more flexibility from their usage.

So, how about the Mi Flash Unlock tool? are they can unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi phones device?

Main function of Mi Flash Unlock

Yes, the only thing that can do by Mi Flash Unlock tool is just for unlocking Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones bootloader only, it's very simple usage tool by the way.

But, the great thing from this tool is from the unlocking process itself will made shortly by using this tool, just do few click your bootloader phone will unlocked easily.

As we know, do unlock bootloader process is complicated, sometime it will need long time for complete all process, because mainly this process will do with the command line action. But, it's will different if you use Mi Flash Tool, the complicated process will gone completely.

Also, because the Mi Flash Tool is one of the official tool that provided by Xiaomi. So, this unlocking process will legal to do and the security will guarantee by Xiaomi during the process unlocking, it sound very good right?

However, before you can use this to for unlocking bootloader purpose, this tool may need some requirement that must be completing by user.


For better experience while do unlocking bootloader purpose by using Mi Flash Unlock and for avoid any problem that can may disturb the expected result.

Completing all requirement bellow is must to do. So, these several requirement that needed for best practice :

  • This tool only available for Windows OS only, it would recommended use this tool minimal on Windows OS 7 version and installed on 64-bit Windows OS version.
  • Mi USB Driver (Universal USB Driver for Xiaomi, Poco & Redmi) must already installed on your Windows computer.
  • Mi Account already linked / synced to allow do unlocking process.
  • Need internet connection, it can't be use at the offline condition.
  • Need entering to Fastboot mode.
  • Need good battery percentage on your phones, it would recommend the battery status is not under 50%.
  • Need good condition of USB Cable and USB Port.

After you can completing that all requirement above, now you must use the latest version of Mi Flash Tool that can you get at the download segment bellow.

Download Mi Flash Unlock

Before you try unlocking the bootloader, you must ensured use the latest version of Mi Flash Unlock, why you must do that?

It very reasonable, because by using the latest version the known bugs from the previous version it should be fixed now, also in the term of performance it will be better if we compare to the old version, it will know it from the feedback by user that already using them before.

So, these bellow are the list release of Mi Flash Unlock tool that you can get directly from this site :

(.zip) Password :

After the download process completed, you must extracted that tool by using provided password above, then after that you can start use this tool for unlocking purposed.

How to install Mi Flash Unlock tool on Windows OS?

Fortunately, since this tool use portable app system. So, for the installation process is not necessary to do, user can use Mi Flash Tool directly after completing extracted process by opened app normally, if you still confused in this situation you can follow these guide bellow :

  • Open Mi Flash Unlock folder directory.
  • Then, open the Mi Flash Tool app using Run As Administrator permission.

Download latest version Mi Flash Unlock for Windows

  • Choose Agree button to the next step.

Download latest version Mi Flash Unlock for Windows

  • Lastly, login to Mi Account that already associated in your device.

Download latest version Mi Flash Unlock for Windows

  • Happy unlocking!

If you want upgrade or downgrade version of Mi Flash Tool, it can be do easily. Just download the latest version then extracted and finally open the app normally, for the older version you can deleting them without any worry, because it will not any effect to the latest version.


Mi Flash Unlock is absolutely one of great app that already provided officially by Xiaomi, it because hard to find from other brand that offered support like Xiaomi do, it's abosutely rare.

Common brand will allow user for unlock their phone bootloader, but it should using unofficial method or using third party tool, but Xiaomi will made this thing easy by their official support.

In the end, despite Xiaomi allow to all their user for do unlocking bootloader on their Android phone products, but you must follow all their procedure, don't try to messing up them like use any unofficial or dangerous method, we think it very risky to do and may broke your phone permanently if failed.

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